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Top Erotic Story Sites is our fine selection of websites where you can enjoy reading very arousing stories. The top erotic story sites we’ve reviewed for you feature hot, usually free sex stories, written by wives, girlfriends, and guys with some writing talent. It’s quite surprising how well-written and engaging these XXX stories that are featured on these sites are, and we found even more surprising how popular this thing is! Though the modern times brought us hardcore porn videos which we could access with a click of our fingers, there are still many erotica lovers who just love to read adult sex stories. For them, reading about a lustful intercourse can be just as arousing and satisfying as watching a porn studio’s hardcore production. The main magic of erotic stories hides in the difference between written sex and video sex: while you just watch the things happen in a certain order in the video, you can take your time, use your imagination to build up the characters, the environment and everything in your head. The actual sex takes places whenever you reach that part, and satisfaction is always yours. Your fantasy has huge potential, and if you hadn’t already, give it a chance to prove that you can have that great orgasm you seek by reading an adult novel! For this list, we have reviewed the top erotic story sites, read hundreds of stories to ensure that you can get here that level of excitement and arousal that you seek.

To provide you with this list, we tried to imagine ourselves into your place. Unfortunately, we had to realize that males don’t really get the hang of it, however, our lady reviewers seemed to have a fun time reading, and we believe they continued to read when they got home. We found out what girls and guys want from these sites: easy-to-read, printable erotic stories. Simplicity is a must for the top erotic story sites because the people who use them always spend at least an hour on them, so a friendly interface must be provided with calm colors, and most importantly: no flashing ads with penis-enlargement pills or of porn sites. Most of the top erotic story sites look good, and they have a friendly user interface with nice reading options. In case you don’t like to read on the screen, you can print the stories and read them in your bed.

As we found out, adult novels are mostly written for women, they are the main targets. However, usually male writers understand the needs of their fellow males, so they write stories which feature our fantasies: a stepmom seducing her stepson, or the hot cougar next door making the hero’s life a nightmare by teasing him and fucking with her actual partner near the window, so he can see even if he didn’t want to, and in the end, the hero goes over, and fucks that cougar like crazy. And there are many more stories like this. For ladies, the erotic stories are the porn: they mostly chose them because they are not loud and visual, and it’s easier to hide an adult novel under the bed than throwing away the laptop! So, if you want to boost your sex life, you and your girl should try to read some erotic stories: they can give you some ideas, make her wet and eager, and most importantly, they are fun to read! The stories on the top erotic story sites usually come from female authors, but that doesn’t take anything away from their value. Most of these portals accept home-written stories too, so you can read amateurs’ fantasies too, and as we discovered, many printed-only books are digitalized, so you can even find here big-time adult novel writers’ works!

1. SexStories

Top-rated erotic stories website, here you will get to read enticing plots about lovers, sex and fantasy written by great authors.

2. StoriesOnline

Great erotic story site, StoriesOnline publishes the hottest sex stories that are definitely arousing, so check it out!

3. LitErotica

Literotica is a big erotic story site where you can find kinky adult fiction, free sex stories, erotic audio, BDSM plots and more.

4. OnlySexStories

One of the finest erotic stories websites thanks to the largest collection of free sex stories online. Furthermore, here you'll have the chance to share your sex story to a big audience.